Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roadside Chickens

We landed in Entebbe, just off the shore of Lake Victoria around 2:15am. The airport was quiet at this late hour and we easily got our visas and our luggage. The drivers were waiting with a crooked hand-written sign that read Emily Norton and Jake Klim. And we were off.

The remaining hours of sleeping time were spent at a small inn somewhere between Entebbe and Kampala. I didn't sleep much though as I snoozed through most of our 24 hours of travel. There was a mosquito net over my head and a gecko of sorts on the wall but I was comfy. It was really humid so a tank top and shorts was overdressed. But I slept.

Caitlan, the volunteer coordinator for AAH in Bupoto arranged the day for us to include several stops along the way to the village. First stop, internets and snacks. Second stop, lunch in Jinja. This also happens to be the source of the Nile. Our drivers picked up some chickens on sticks and plantains but brought us to a more "Mzungu-friendly" cafe to fill our bellies. The food is fine but those chickens sure looked tasty.

The roads are not as bumpy as I had anticipated so a nap might be in my future. For now, I will finish my lunch and figure out this exchange rate.

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